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Examples of “technical”

These examples of technical are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Lack of sensitivity may result from technical issues such as poor probe performance or low copy number transcripts.
We should do what we do when any technical term is to be translated - make some convention and abide by it.
Beyond the time used to discuss technical issues, these meetings included time for members to build personal relationships and contacts.
A sculptor, an architect, or a client can work out a complete design, solving all the visual problems before dealing with the Mountain GRETNA Best Mountain Marine Best technical ones.
One of the characteristics of the training teachers were most likely to complain about was its restricted technical focus.
Here we have the distinction between language-oriented, grammatical interpretation and person-oriented, technical interpretation.
In technical interpretation there is no substitute for such systematic research.
Their findings, though often recondite and technical - but no more so than those of the historical demographers, geographers and economic historians - have been little heeded.
Regardless of facility size, very few rural or rural referral facilities provided such technical services as renal dialysis or pulmonary artery catheterization.
Other technical factors, such as the array printing conditions, were found to conform to observations that are well-described in the literature.
We were interested in information about the experiences and perceptions of the people in the process as well as the technical details.
The age was sanctioning a cinema of technical virtuosity and social statement.
By comparing similar industries across countries the more industry-specific forces of technical and market contexts are held fairly constant.

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